Clare Follett is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Clare broke onto the music scene at a young age, releasing her debut album, “Neck Deep” at 15, and her sophomore release, “Reclamation” at 18. Over the course of her solo career, she has received five MusicNL nominations, one MusicNL award, and four Newfoundland and Labrador Arts & Letters awards for her songwriting. She was also selected as an ECMA Break Out Artist in 2018. Clare has worked with artists such as Nick Earle, Rosemary Lawton, Adam Baxter, and more as a producer, side musician, session bassist, and session vocalist. However, Clare shines most brightly as a solo artist. Her music is a compelling mix of light synths, heavy guitars, and thick harmonies that are well suited to the pop, rock, and alternative genres. She is currently enrolled in Memorial University’s conjoint Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Business Administration program with a focus in double bass.